I recently went to New York to compete in the 33rd Annual Seido Anniversary Tournament and here are some pictures:

Our dojo members after Kaicho's Friday class

On deck for Brown Belt Kata

I won 2nd Place in Brown Belt Kata

Kumite - I was fighting an Advanced Brown Belt

I won 2nd Place in Combined Brown Belt and Advanced Brown Belt Kumite

Before I left for the tournament, I passed my wushu test for Level 9 Southern Fist. I think my next level will be focused on jumping and poses. I'm not a natural at jumping, but hopefully I'll learn a lot!


The industry has been slow lately, but I've been lucky to do well in the few auditions that I get. I had a co-star audition recently for the new show Trauma, and I got on pin for it, which meant that it was down to me and another woman for the role! ^_^ After waiting for four days, my agent told me that I was released and that they were probably going to cut the role. To me it's okay that I didn't book the role because I know I gave a really strong audition. In the breakdown, they wanted someone older, but I made strong choices with my take on the character, and I'm proud of my work. :)

Have you seen the Intel 'Oops' ad? The one where the Intel engineer drops the world's smallest chip? Well I shot also shot that commercial, but for a spot only running in Asia. Here it is:


Some photo and video updates:

My fighting set for my Lvl 8 wushu promotion (my partner's brother recorded it for us ^_^):

Some photos from the project I worked with Dion Beebe, DP who won an Oscar for "Memoirs of a Geisha":

Dion going over the scene with me

The set was this awesome abandoned warehouse

Me with Jennifer, another one of the girls

Taking some improv shots while waiting to be called to set

I changed into my street clothes for lunch and then asked the photographer if he could take some pics of me doing some kicks :)

I had a dead scene when Kramer Morgenthau was the DP the next day.
Having fun draping over random places during breaks.
I've fallen and I can't get up!

The movie was so awful it killed me!

For the actual scene, I had to die by electrocution. The wardrobe lady said I made a great dead person, ha ha!

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