Ooh! Some of my photos from the United Polaris modeling shoot are in the Apple News app! They took a lot of pictures, others will be published in the United inflight magazine!

Here is the Business Insider article!


I'm featured at 3:31 in a CNBC segment called "What is China buying in Australia? | CNBC Explains"!

Here is the clip:


My commercial for Paypal!


Episode 4 of my cartoon Peachy Special is out!

Episode 4: Be Productive, Not Destructive (Unmotivated, angry, and depressed, Mr. Tornado goes to therapy after having an unbearable week. However, he is surprised when the therapist tells him he doesn't have anger issues, but rather is not channeling his energy properly)


Watch Episodes 1-3 of my cartoon Peachy Special below! I hope you find them funny, quirky, and thoughtful!

Episode 1: The R Word (about racism)

Episode 2: Beauty Secret (you are beautiful just the way you are)

Episode 3: Grab Them By The Snacks (based on Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders)


I have launched my own online cartoon channel called Peachy Egg! Peachy Egg presents feel-good cartoon skits for audiences of all ages. Look forward to episodes of Peachy Special, Just Peachy, and Brown Shoe!

Click here to watch Episode 1 of Peachy Special!


Commercial shoot!


I'm at 0:40 and 1:30:




My Logitech commercial is out! I show up at 0:16:


Yay, I won two tournaments in one week!
  • 1st Place Black Belt Women's Kata (Seido Karate Hollywood Dojo Inter-Dojo Tournament)
  • Division 8 Champion (WCTTA league)


Whee I made my first time-lapse live drawing video and it was so fun! Watch it with the sound on!

I'm also in the National Collegiate Table Tennis Association (NCTTA) promo video (they also interview the two current Olympians!). I'm at 08:39:


My project "Ecocity VR San Francisco" has been released online!

I am the MC for 3 segments - go to http://ecocityvr.org, click on the play button, and then the camera icons under Socio Cultural, Eco-Literary, and Inclusive Design. The project was sponsored by the non-profit Ecocity Builders, who are trying to reshape cities for the long-term health of human and natural systems!


My VISA print ad is online!

I went to IMDB to forward a friend the Numb3rs episode where I was a co-star - and found out they are using my picture in the IMDB thumbnail!

Another TT League win! Yay!

Sketch inspired by a Chinese proverb: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”


I got cast in a Bay Area movie! I play the Guide for the film The Valley!

I recently started competing in league tournaments for table tennis and I've been the Division 7 Champion for three weeks! Yay!


A second spot for Presence Security! I'm at 1:07:


Yay, I got upgraded to principal! They're playing it on TV and radio (I'm at 0:17):


My print ad for Golden Gate University is being shown! I saw at least five of the banners in a 2x2 block around Mission and 1st St. in San Francisco. So fun!


Yay, I shot another commercial! This time for a new water-saving device. I'll update when it gets released!


Wow, my second print ad in two weeks! This time for Siemens. Feeling so blessed!


I've added some new sketches to my gallery!


The commercial I shot for Presence Pro is on YouTube!


Woo hoo! I shot a photo shoot for a VISA print ad. So happy!


To fret or not to fret?

A number of years ago, I had opened for a major Taiwanese singer at a show, made some side money as a wedding singer, entered in singing competitions, and wrote and produced my own demo cd. I was competing in an Anime Expo VO competition when one of the other contestants said, "You're Chyna Chuu? I have one of your songs on my Winamp playlist!" It was crazy flattering because I had taught myself guitar, piano, and songwriting, but at the time it actually felt more terrifying than anything. I took my songs off the web and stopped singing and playing music from that day on. I didn't know it at the time, but there were so many other things in my life that I had to settle first. Luckily, the Universe guided me on a circuitous journey to give me what I needed. Now back at the beginning, same but different.

I had a guitar class tonight, and my heart feels so indescribably full! To wholeheartedness and dreams!


I can't believe I've been up here in Northern California for almost a year... It's definitely been a challenging period for me because my life is so different now...

I was listening to "What Would Love Do" by Jason Mraz the other night:
      It's nice to meet you
      No, I'm not from outer space
      But I'd like to take you, to a higher place,
      Where we won't ever have to leave the ground.
      Just ask what love would do now.
      If it's got you thinking about a change of scenery
      Try letting go of what it was or how things ought to be
      And ask what love would do now,
      Just ask what love would do now.
      If you care to join me oh when you shake my hand,
      Do not let go and soon you'll understand
      What it means to have a friend beside you,
      Who's there to remind you that love is what you are right now.
      Ask what would love do,
      What would love do,
      What would love do now.

This is my favorite line from the song - "Try letting go of what it was or how things ought to be..." - those words encapsulate my current journey and phase of life. I still may not be able to solve my identity crisis or know what my purpose is in life, but I do know that allowing myself to do something creative for the first time in eight months made me feel one with my soul. It started off as a cursive L and made me reconnect with what I love and who I am:


Happy New Year everyone! 2013 was a tumultuous year that brought huge revelations for me, and I feel like I've grown so much. May 2014 continue to bring insight and joy!

I was adding videos to my Youtube channel, and I found this blast from the past. It's from a 2007 job I did for Hannah Montana, Season 2, Episode "Smells like Teen Spirit." I played Brianna, and I had a Southern accent. Ha ha, I don't even recognize my own voice??

I'm at 3:58 into the clip, telling Miley Cyrus's character how much I love her perfume!


A friend told me that he was doing a Google Images search for "angry female asian driver" (don't we all??) and he said, "Didn't expect to see your picture there."

I am an... Internet meme???!! OMG?! This picture is from a car-related stock photography shoot I did years ago. I don't even get the joke, but the whole situation is hysterical! LOL!!


I recently fell ill and had to go to the emergency room. My condition wouldn't have worsened to such a state had I been aware of what impetigo and antibiotic allergies were. Here is my 30-day photo journal of the "rash" on my face that turned out to be so much more:


I was invited to a screening of "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone," and the theater was pretty packed. The director, Don Scardino, said that the editor's cut was three and a half hours! So they really had to trim a lot, including a lot of his favorite scenes, so he apologized in advance if people's beloved bits got cut.

My line and two of my scenes ended up on the cutting room floor. They cut all my interaction with Jim Carrey at the birthday party, but I am still in a good portion of the scene with James Gandolfini. But the best news is that I have a CREDIT at the end of the movie! Woo hoo! It's the first time I've ever seen my name on the big screen!!!

It has been a great beginning of the year - I shot a 3-day recruitment video for a prestigious government agency where I played an agent AND I shot a commercial with *Jackie Chan*! It is a short film/promo video for the Embraer Executive Jets Legacy 650 model, and Jackie Chan is their new spokesperson (they gave him a jet as a gift!). I have a speaking role as the Chinese Desk News Anchor. I'm not in the same scene as Jackie (his shots are solo), but I'm going to cross it off my bucket list anyway! Now I just have to work with Jet Li and my childhood wushu crushes will be fulfilled! (~__^)


The official trailer for "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" has been released and I'm in it! You'll catch me at 2:00 when Jim Carrey's character hammers a nail into his hand:

The movie is scheduled for release in March 2013. Yay!

Recently I shot two industrials - one for the USC Business School, and another for a Customer Service company. I also got offered a role to shoot a pilot pitch for Spent TV. Here's the Facebook post from the Spent TV page:

2012 has been a wonderful year. Happy Holidays, everyone!


Another year older, another year wiser!


I have a speaking role in an upcoming New Line Cinema film coming out next year! It's called "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" and it stars Steve Carrell, Steve Buscemi, Jim Carrey, and James Gandolfini. James Gandolfini plays Las Vegas casino owner Doug Munny, and I was cast to be his personal valet. I was in three scenes—a total of five days on set. Such a nice cast and crew!

I wore three different designer outfits and here's one of them:

For my last scene I wore a Sretsis dark gray dress that I absolutely adored! It was a rental so unfortunately I couldn't even offer to buy it from the Wardrobe Department. I also tried scouring online for it to no avail, *sniffles*...

When I'm rich my closet is going to be filled with Sretsis clothing—I totally love their style!!

My karate style's founder, Kaicho Nakamura, turned 70 recently, and all of the dojos around the world made birthday videos for him. My dojo, Hollywood Dojo, made a video set to Randy Newman's "I Love LA", highlighting different LA landmarks.

The compilation video is over an hour long, but I have set it to start at our submission. For the Kodak Theatre shots, my hair was still nicely styled from shooting Burt Wonderstone the previous day—I purposely didn't wash my hair, hee hee! (^___~) I had five minutes to draw the "We love you" and "Happy Birthday Kaicho" signs:

I also did a shoot for Red Monkey accessories modeling jewelry, watches, and cuffs:

For the first two pictures, the no-eyebrow look was done on purpose to look high-fashiony!

I am also excited to announce I have switched to a new agency, Venture IAB :) And lastly, here are some recent sketches!


I recently got to work on a wonderful project with Tim Russ. The part was originally looking for a Hispanic news anchor, but I read for it, and this is the feedback that Tim wrote for me on CAZT:

Chyna was very well prepared, and gave a very convincing, and believable read. She obviously took time with the material. She is my first choice for the part.

Then I got cast! Tim changed the role to Asian and changed the character's name too. How cool is that? I'm also currently on avail for a commercial, and had a Producer Session at Disney. Whee! I think all of these wonderful things are happening to me because I'm at a great place in my life.

Here are two sketches that I recently did:

< BR> It was fun to doodle "The Search for Longevity". I was inspired after watching the BBC documentary "How to Live to 101" and I was sitting on the floor while my two rabbits frolicked around me. I've never tried drawing a dragon before and old faces are always fun to try and imagine. The "Four Cardinals" is actually one sketch that I duplicated and rotated in three other directions. I had doodled the top picture while I was on the phone with AT&T Customer Service, and somehow the paper got rotated 90 degrees CCW. S saw it and said, "Did you draw an amaebi?" We then turned it every which way...

It was my birthday on Nov. 2. Go Scorpios! Here's a pic of me eating my two favorite foods in the whole world: fried rice and dumplings!! *gobble gobble*~!

This year's birthday was by far the most meaningful birthday for me. I'd have to say it's the best birthday ever - not one where a lot of fancy, flashy, external hullabaloo took place, but rather one filled with internal validations. I'm at such a happy, satisfied place in my life. I feel like 2010 was a year where a lot of resolutions and closure took place.

There's no gift more valuable than inner peace.


I just finished watching Twelve Kingdoms (Juuni Kokki). *swoon* It's now my favorite anime of all time! My favorite themes to watch (psychology, philosophy, emotional journeys, character development) all deftly executed and woven into a breathtaking world.

I took a break from drawing my unconventional art and tried to sketch two of the female characters, Shoukei and Youko. It was engrossing and I'm learning so much about facial proportions. It's so fun to visually experiment and see how one little teeny detail can totally change the mood of the picture...


I have three commercials on the air right now! GotoMeeting (which plays all the time on CNN) is now running two different spots, one where I'm in the supermarket and the other where I'm in Kenya at a water well:

Then I have two commercials running in the Asian markets:


Care1st Health Insurance

I got to ride a bike all day for the Care1st Health Insurance commercial. So fun!

I had some big theatrical auditions lately for G.I. Joe 2, Harry's Law, and Apartment 23. I got really good feedback from the casting directors.

My deal memo with the two producers fell through on my screenplay. The scenario wasn't quite right, but I'm really grateful that it happened the way it did - I walked away with a greater understanding of the process. Everything happens for a reason - you can't place a price value on experience! I'm excited to finish up two more screenplays soon.

Sketch inspired by a personal epiphany:


I'm in the pre-production phase of my first screenplay! It's been so exciting (fingers crossed!), and in the meantime I'm undertaking an epic adaptation for my next screenplay.

A fellow dojo mate saw me in an advertisement at a Laguna Niguel bus stop.

On set. I'm constantly astounded by the creativity of makeup artists.
Who knew yellow lipstick could be so fabulous!


I finally got the copy for the Fujifilm demo I did with cinematographer Gabriel Beristain! It's a fictional day in the life of five aspiring entertainers.


My GoTo Meeting commercial is running now!


I am so excited about 2011! So far it has been an unpredictable year full of surprises and memorable experiences!

The Fujifilm 250D film I shot with cinematographer Gabriel Beristain was screened in Los Angeles and London. How cool is that?

I put up stills in the "On Set" section of my photo gallery:

I went to the screening and it was so beautifully done! I am waiting to get the digital copy of the entire film. Luckily, the on-set photographer, Michael Bulbenko took a video of me during a rehearsal of the wushu sequence. I had to choreograph a short sequence with a space constraint of a few steps of movement, so I just linked a bunch of Long Fist moves together.

Speaking of martial arts, I flew to the Seido Karate headquarters in NY to take a four-day promotion test.

.......................*drumroll please*.........................

(That's me on the left punching during the Kumite portion)

I passed! I am now a 1st degree black belt in Seido Karate! OSU!

The Hollywood Dojo Events Calendar section contains a link to pictures and an essay I wrote about my experience. It was truly one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

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